09/09/2011 09:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bizarre Beauty Pageant - For Pregnant Women In Bikinis!

A group of scarily glamorous mums-to-be have become internet stars after a video of them taking part in a pregnancy pageant appeared on You Tube.

The expectant mums are shown proudly showing off their bumps in itsy-bitsy bikinis, strutting around the stage in sky-high heels, all in a bid to be crowned the winner in Rod Ryan's 7th Annual Pre-Labor Day Pregnant Bikini Contest.

Pregnancy pageant

To qualify for a place in the line-up, the mums-to-be need to be within three months of their due dates, making sure they all have sizeable bumps to parade.

But it isn't just bump size the judges are looking for. The ladies and their tummies also compete in a nappy changing and throwing contest, whipping off their maternity gear to reveal two-pieces in the final round.

The winner is awarded an $800 gift voucher, a digital camera and - rather randomly - a teeth whitening treatment.

Check out the video of the ladies and their tummies and let us know what you think.

Pay particular attention to 2.18 minutes in, when a very flexible mum-to-be casts off her stilettos and does the splits. We don't recommend this!

Pregnancy pageant splits

Just makes us want to reach for another chocolate biscuit.

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