15/09/2011 06:47 BST | Updated 15/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Madonna Denies Diva Reports At 'W.E.' Premiere At Toronto Film Festival

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Madonna has dismissed reports she has been asking members of the public not to look at her.

Volunteers at the Toronto International Film Festival were allegedly asked by security guards to turn away from the queen of pop, who was in the Canadian city to promote her new film WE.

"Neither Madonna nor her security ever gave instructions for the volunteers to turn away from Madonna," Madonna's spokesperson Liz Rosenberg told the Toronto Sun.

"In fact, she was so impressed with the volunteers that she publicly thanked them from the stage for their hard work before the premiere of her film last night which earned a standing ovation," she added.

And Rosenberg insisted they would get to the bottom of the diva requests.

"We are still trying to figure out who and why anyone would ask the volunteers to turn away from Madonna. She has never and would never ask anyone to do that ever," she said.