18/09/2011 16:07 BST | Updated 18/11/2011 10:12 GMT

Political Top Trumps 2011 Penalise PM's Twitter Failings... But Flatter His Mojo

There are a few things that you can't avoid at a party conference: hangovers, bad lunches and the Sky News Politicos Top Trumps.

This set of politically-themed Top Trumps playing cards, which rate MPs based on various criteria including the all important sexiness factor, have become a conference staple in recent years.

Thus, with the inevitability of a Vince Cable keynote speech, Sky has once again released its cards into the world.

This years MPs are judged on: their Twitter following, the number of times they have debated in this parliamentary session, their career potential, their "affability" and their danceability.

Reflecting the growing importance of Twitter to the Labour party, or maybe just his disastrous but entertaining habit of holding live online Q&As via the service, Ed Miliband comes out on top in that category.

The Labour leader's 80,000 followers put him comfortably ahead of Deputy PM Nick Clegg (63,716) as well as his brother David Miliband (58,988).

Prime Minister David Cameron, who does not Tweet, comes last in that category while relative newcomer Louise Mensch (31, 717) does rather better.

In "fanciability" terms the Top Trump this year is Labour backbencher Dan Jarvis, who scores a massive 96 per cent.

Dominic Raab scored 91 per cent, putting in a strong showing for the Tories, while Chuka Umunna (90 per cent) and Luciana Berger (90 per cent) also do well.

In positive news for Cameron, he scored a hefty 81 per cent, presumably on the basis that power is the greatest aphrodisiac. Then again Clegg scored a meagre 67, so maybe not.

Unfortunately for the Lib Dems two of its most prominent MPs scored lowest on the sexiness scale. Tim Farron, president of the party and a tipped future candidate for the leadership scored just 27 per cent, while chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander did even worse, with 18 per cent. For the Tories the news was not much better - Foreign Secretary William Hague missed out on a 'Libya bump', scoring only 36 per cent.

In the gaffability stakes, awarded to those politicians prone to making very public errors of judgement, there is no surprise who comes out on top: for his "wobbly year" of U-turns and electoral defeats, it's Nick Clegg who scores 20 out of 20 points. Danny Alexander (18/20) and Ed Miliband, Ed Vaizey and Rory Stewart also do badly on 16/20.

Elsewhere in the rankings, David Cameron is a firm favourite when it comes to career potential, with ten points out of ten.

Disastrously for Ed Miliband he only scores seven out of 10, which is hardly a ringing endorsement. It is likely that will prey on his mind ahead of Labour's own party conference next week. Indeed, David Miliband does better than his brother on eight out of 10 - a sign of things to come? Or just a packet of silly cards? Who can say.

In terms of debates attended, Luciana Berger came out on top, leading the field with a score of 98. Jeremy Hunt, who attended just eight debates, has some explaining to do.

The pack of cards was judged by a panel including Adam Boulton (Sky News), Anuskaha Asthana (The Times), Andrew Pierce (Daily Mail), Andrew Porter (Daily Telegraph), James Forsyth (The Spectator), Tom Newton Dunn (The Sun) and Joey Jones, Katie Snape and Sophy Ridge (Sky News).