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Dannii Minogue: Live From The London Fashion Week Front Row

Tabs and I joined Team MyDaily at the Giles show last night and it was amazing!!!

I've got such a packed schedule on this trip to London I could only squeeze in one show and I'm so glad it was that one. I felt like I was in Paris, the show was so opulent with such a huge collection of beautiful pieces.

Dannii Minogue: Live from London Fashion WEek Photo courtesy of Dannii Minogue.

I've been a fan of Giles for years. I can't put my finger on exactly what I find so captivating in his work, but his designs have a touch of magic about them. I wore one of his dresses in a shoot I did for Marie Claire last year, a divine blue black and white print (check it out in the gallery below). In the photo I was walking through a wall of paparazzi clutching my dress to me and looking very dramatic. I loved the shot so much we had to include it in my new fashion book My Style. At first glance the dress in the picture looks like an abstract print, but when you take a closer look you realise that it's actually a girl's face.

Giles Deacon is very intricate with his designs. Of course his trademark incredible tailoring and his prints were a feature last night – as the models walked past I kept trying to see if there were hidden pictures in the prints. But what really blew me away were his laser cut pieces made from leather and silk. I was joking to Tabs after the show that I was heading straight over to the Project D offices, getting out the shredder and the hole punch and the scissors to have a go at do-it-yourself laser cutting! I was all inspired.

One of my favourite pieces was a red, full-length laser cut dress. Then there were dresses that had lots of draping fabric at the front and looked like big kaftans. At the back they were cut down to the waist and fitted right into the models' backs. It created an incredible contrast between flowing and form-fitting and I'm still trying to work out how he achieved it. The effect was incredible.

The finale was phenomenal with three of the main models coming down the catwalk, each with a huge swan on their heads, one black, one red and one white.

I met a little girl after the show. She was sitting in the front row and I don't know who she was or how she came to be sitting in the front row but I just loved her reaction to the collection. She came up to me and asked me for my autograph. When I asked her what her favourite part of the show had been and she said "the girls with the swans on their heads". It was so magical, theatrical and incredible – everything that you want a show to be. Talking to that little girl, and seeing how she was just transported by the dresses and the swans, was the highlight of my evening.

Tabs and I had fun catching up with the MyDaily girls, Phebe and Libby, at the show and it's always good to go to these events with Tabs because we have heaps of fun people-watching and reveling in the experience. We came away feeling very inspired.

It's been fantastic being in London for London Fashion Week. The feeling in the air is one of excitement: the creativity is palpable and there have really been some fantastic shows. It feels like London is buzzing and there are a couple of designers who are creative enough – and have the backing – to bring out the best of their crazy creativity. It's an exciting time for fashion.

Dannii wears Project D 'Cynthia' in charcoal' from SS12 and Tabitha wears Project D 'Party' from Pre-SS12.

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