21/09/2011 08:59 BST | Updated 21/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Andrew Lindo: Teacher Found Guilty Of Murdering His Fiancée

A music teacher who led a double life was jailed for 22 years on Wednesday for murdering his fiancée.

Andrew Lindo, 29, strangled, beat and stabbed Marie Stewart, the mother of his two young children, while she was sleeping.

After hiding her body in a suitcase in their garage, Lindo put the children in the car and drove round to collect his lover Angela Rylance. The two then spent the night in the same bedroom where Lindo had earlier murdered his 30-year-old partner.

Mr Justice Andrew Smith, presiding over the case at Bradford Crown Court, described Lindo as showing an "extraordinary and chilling lack of remorse" over his actions. He called the murder "cruel and sustained".

Lindo, who had conducted affairs with a number of women, denied the charge of murder but admitted killing his fiancée. He claimed that he had killed Stewart during a row, accusing her of mistreating one of their children.

The teacher concealed his fiancée’s death for seven weeks, pretending Stewart had deserted him and their children. He sent texts to her family and friends and posted entries on her Facebook profile saying that she had left the country.

After becoming suspicious, her family informed the police and her body was found hidden in the garage.

Speaking outside Bradford Court after the verdict, Miss Stewart's father described Lindo as a "coward of the first order".

"He presented this image of a perfect father figure. He lied and cheated relentlessly to save his own skin.

"He has blighted the lives of his children and we are left to pick up the consequences of his actions. Marie will live in our hearts as a fabulous daughter, sister and loving mum to her babies."

The jury took less than an hour to reach their verdict.