22/09/2011 08:06 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mums Say Keeping Children Clean Is Most Important Aspect Of Bringing Up Kids

Baby in bath PA

A survey has found that mums think keeping a baby clean is the most important part of child-rearing - and clearly cocking a snook to the notion that cleanliness is next to godliness, only 16.5 per cent of parents think religion and faith are the most important factors!

The Hygiene Matters Report found that both mums and dads agreed that practising good hygiene was the most crucial aspect of parenting - 77% of parents.

Seven thousand parents were polled for the report, with 65.5 per cent saying instilling good manners were the most important part of bringing up a child, whilst 54.5 per cent felt that giving a child exercise and a healthy diet was top priority. Forty five per cent of respondents said forming social relationships was paramount, and just 21 per cent cited following traditions as the most important aspect of parenting.

Dr Werner Jeanrond, Professor of Divinity at Glasgow University commented on the Hygiene Matters Report, saying that whilst he welcomed the focus on hygiene, religion should not be overlooked:

'I am delighted that people pay more attention to keep their bodies clean. It is my hope that they may be equally engaged in nurturing their relationships with other people, with God, and with their own emerging selves. In this sense, cleanliness and godliness go well together. We need healthy bodies and healthy relationships.'

What do you think?
IS cleanliness more important than godliness? Or good diet and exercise for that matter!