27/09/2011 10:23 BST | Updated 27/11/2011 05:12 GMT

'EastEnders' Himesh Patel And Meryl Fernandes Want Happy Ending

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- EastEndersstars Himesh Patel and Meryl Fernandes have said they hope their characters Tamwar and Afia Masood live happily ever after.

The two soap stars attended the Inside Soap Awards 2011 at Gilgamesh in London to collect the Best Wedding gong for Tamwar and Afia's wedding, which they had in secret in a mosque and registry office, while their parents organised them a lavish, traditional Muslim ceremony.

Fernandes said it was "lovely" to win the award, but added she hopes all the drama is over for the newlyweds.

She said: "I hope they live happily ever after. They're so in love. They're really cute and I think they have a very beautiful innocent love that I definitely think will last."

Patel added: "We told them to make us the couple that last.

Meanwhile, EastEnders' Tameka Empson collected the award for Funniest Performance for her portrayal of feisty beautician Kim Fox.

She said: "It feels amazing. All those days in the bedroom practising with the hairbrush, now I've finally got my award and it feels great."

The soap actress revealed it felt good to bring humour to the often dark and dramatic show.

She said: "I think people want to smile, people want to have a laugh and I love Kim. You get so much theatre with Kim. I'm not actually like her but I love it. I like to party like Kim, but Kim can out-drink me any time."

Empson added: "I've got a reason to party so I think I'm going to shake a leg or two."