27/09/2011 14:03 BST | Updated 27/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Kellingley Colliery: Miner Killed In Yorkshire Pit Accident

A miner has been killed in an accident at a coal mine in North Yorkshire, while another man has been rescued.

Rescue workers responded to the incident involving two miners at Kellingley Colliery, North Yorkshire, on Tuesday evening,

The National Union of Mineworkers said the men had been trapped up their waist by debris following the collapse of a roof.

Local MP Yvette Cooper fought back tears at a Labour party conference fringe event on Tuesday as she described her concern for the miners.

The shadow home secretary told audience members that the mining community was tight knit, and she was particularly affected by the incident as members of her family had been miners.

Cooper was speaking before the fate of the two men was clear.

Kellingley colliery, located at Knottingley, Yorkshire, is the largest remaining deep mine in Yorkshire and supplies coal to local power stations.

It began operation in 1965 and has two main shafts, each almost 800 meters deep.

The incident comes as the inquest opened in to the deaths of four men who were killed when a mine in south Wales was flooded.

Phillip Hill, 45, Garry Jenkins, 39, David Powell, 50, and Charles Breslin, 62, died in Gleision Colliery in Cilybebyll, Pontardawe, in early September.