29/09/2011 12:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Heidi Klum Debuts Signature Fragrance In Leopard Print

Heidi Klum opted for a leopard print dress to launch her "first" fragrance, Shine in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

We say "first" because a quick trip to her website reveals that she has already has several scents to her name. Further research reveals there's even one called Heidi Klum which "broadcasts its unique charm on your skin all day" (thanks Google Translate).

The "first"-ness of Shine appears to be a nod to the fact her other fragrances were released in Europe but not America. Something that the success of Project Runway means she can now rectify.

ANYWAY, where were we? Oh yes. Leopard print. So the dress is a simple but cute to-the-knee affair and she's on trend with animal prints, however, the whole theme of the launch seems to be summery and Klum's print is a SNOW leopard.

Heidi Klum goes leopard print to debut signature fragrance Sidenote: Don't those sunflower balls look like giant pollen grains? Photo: Getty for Shine

Yup. Prowling through the ripe mandarins and pears and sunflower bouquets and swimming pool setting is... Heidi the snow leopard. We're not going to lie - we think the artistic vision became a little confused somewhere between setting and stylist.

Sidenote: Don't those sunflower balls look like those microscope images of pollen grains?

In case you were considering adding a squirt of Shine to your beauty regime, the fragrance takes the following structure:

Top notes: mandarin, pear and pink peppercorn
Heart: Mimosa absolute, lily of the valley and sunflower
Base notes: Vanilla, Venezuelan tonka bean, and musk cosmone

Here's a behind-the-scenes look with Heidi herself:

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