29/09/2011 09:37 BST | Updated 29/11/2011 05:12 GMT

After Peter Oborne 'Idiot' Comments: Top 5 Storming Off Set Moments

Being repeatedly branded as “that idiot in Brussels” by a fellow panellist is probably more than enough of a reason to walk out of an interview.

EU Commission spokesman Amadeu Altafaj-Tardio stormed out of a BBC Newsnight discussion on the Eurozone, after the Daily Telegraph columnist Peter Oborne repeatedly wound him up.

He weathered the storm for as long as possible, but even though he walked off he did a lot better than others who’ve stormed out in a strop.

Here’s five of the best :

Gordon Brown exits early on Sky News

Way back in 2009 when Gordon Brown still held office of PM he was involved in a bizarre exchange with Sky News’s Adam Boulton.

After being grilled on a series of the key political issues such as his personality and the fact The Sun newspaper was supporting the Tories, Mr Brown decided enough was enough.

The interview was conducted following his speech at the Labour Party conference – but Mr Brown wasn’t hanging around.

Despite having a second interview with the BBC lined up and while the cameras were still rolling, Mr Brown stood up – still attached to his microphone – and stormed off.

Julian Assange "I'm going to walk"

The infamous Wikileaks founder lost his cool with a CNN interviewer Atika Shubert after she started to ask him about his private life and claims of rape made by two women.

Almost 13 minutes into the discussion about the documents Wikileaks had revealed Mr Assange warned the journalist: “I’m going to walk” if she continued to ask him about the allegations.

“I’m going to walk if you are going to contaminate this very serious interview,” he said before standing up and doing just that.

Nicolas Sarkozy

The French President said “Au revoir” to CBS reporter in 2007 after she tried to ask him about his divorce to wife Cecilia.

Rumours had been circulating in France about the possible split from his wife and Sarkozy was very touchy about the subject.

He though he refused to talk about the subject the interview ploughed in and got the result she'd probably wanted.

“Au Revoir, merci, “ he said as he stormed off in a mood as the journalist innocently asked “What was unfair?”

Whoopi Goldberg

The US chat show host was trying to debate the Tiger Woods sex scandal story when enough was enough and she walked off The View programme.

The panel got into a heated discussion about Woods and his alleged affairs and after Whoopi claimed she didn't care about the stories one of the panel said 'Go home then,' so she did.

Goldberg jumped up from the table and stormed off before Walters told her to come back.

Bee Gees

Getting one person to walk off set is an achievement, but three at once is genius.

So when the veteran pop group the Bee Gees decided they didn’t like the line of questioning from British chat show host Clive Anderson they all left the set.

It was prompted by a comment Anderson made after they revealed they’d briefly been called Les Tosseurs in the 1960s.

Anderson replied “Well, you’ll always he tossers to me.” Unfortunately for him he was left with three empty chairs and a large gap in his show to fill.