03/10/2011 10:29 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lady Gaga Attends Sting's 60th Birthday As Gwen Stefani

Lady Gaga has had more costume changes than we've had hot dinners. With so many outfits consigned to her 'already worn' list it looks like she's turning to other celebs for inspiration. After an arrival at the iHeartRadio Music Festival which saw her turning an Audrey Hepburn homage into an impersonation, she rocked up at Sting's 60th-birthday-party-cum-25th-anniversary as Gwen Stefani.

Lady Gaga fashion watch: A double whammy for Sting's 60th birthday Lady Gaga at Sting's 60th birthday/25th anniversary. Photo: FilmMagic

Although on closer inspection the picture on the left is a lot more like Gwen Stefani if Gwen had a walk-on role in Clueless. The one on the right might not immediately scream 'Gwen' but behold exhibit A:

Gwen Stefani blue light reflecting off hair Photo: PA

The defence rests.

And while the defence is resting (literally, we're off for a cup of tea after all this strenuous fashion-ing) check out Lady Gaga's other fabulous/dubious fashion choices in the gallery below: