05/10/2011 14:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Outrage As Pub Opens Mother And Toddler Group In Bar

Pub opens baby and toddler group in its bar! SWNS

A pub in Hereford has opened a mother and toddler group in its bar area.

The managers of the Kings Fee pub decided to open their doors to babies and pre-schoolers for play sessions when they were unable to find a suitable toddler group for their own two-year-old son.

Robbie and Helen Bates defended their decision, despite coming under fire from locals. Mrs Bates told the Daily Mail:

'There are no other places that are big enough in Hereford to hold a mother and baby group.
We decided to create one in the pub, it is a big venue and we feel it is family friendly. We hope to expand the group over the next few weeks. It is a place where mums can come to have a quick natter with their friends.'

The couple have partitioned off an area of the bar with tables and chairs, and put toys, books and games out for their young visitors. There is also a changing area, a play-pen, and a microwave oven for the heating of baby food.

The pub has not banned parents from enjoying a booze whilst their kids are at the club either - but they are not allowed to leave them unattended.

The 'Kings Fee Baby and Toddler Group' opened its doors for the first time yesterday (Tuesday), and welcomed six mums and eight children, from newborns to pre-schoolers, but not all local parents were supportive of it.

One mum told reporters she was 'completely shocked' when she heard about the group, branding the setting inappropriate for young children and adding: 'The idea of toddlers running around a pub with a load of locals getting drunk is mind boggling, I have never heard anything like it.'

Another mum, Anita Leech, 41, a teacher and mother-of-three, said: 'A pub is the last place I would want to take my kids. I can't believe they are even allowed to have a group in a pub like that surely there must be health and safety rules to adhere to.'

What do you think? Would you take your baby to a playgroup in a pub?