07/10/2011 08:41 BST | Updated 07/12/2011 05:12 GMT

From Knox To Phone Hacking - Top Media Headlines From The Last Seven Days

It has been a huge week in the media with newspapers and television shows feeling the heat for their coverage of the Amanda Knox trial.

A moment which would make the blood of any editor boil happened when the Mail Online managed to misreport Amanda Knox’s trial verdict.

Somehow it set live a pre-prepared story which reported how Foxy Knoxy had failed in her appeal.

Littered with fictional quotes, it raised uncomfortable questions about how the Mail operated.

But the Mail wasn’t alone. The Sun and Guardian’s online teams fell into the same trap which the Mail thankfully explained away in the following day’s paper.

Knox managed to steal the headlines the next day too after Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff became a contender for terrible ideas of 2011 after their phone-in feature: 'Foxy Knoxy: Would Ya?' hit the headlines.

At first host Matthew Wright stood by the feature but later apologised – but still took a swipe at critics on Twitter.

When London Mayor Boris Johnson and Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman meet it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be fireworks.

And they didn’t disappoint this week. Although it turned into a bizarre love-in at moments, it was a chance to see Boris at his mad best.

Turning to slightly more serious matters, the future of the BBC was outlined by director general Mark Thompson who said up to 2,000 jobs would be cut and more repeats shown as the corporation slimmed down. Unions branded it “salami slicing”.

On Friday cheeky Danny Baker managed to get his name trending on Twitter after claiming he'd become the first big name to be axed because of the cuts. The Huffington Post UK was able to set the record straight after speaking to his agent.

And the landmark Leveson Inquiry into the newspaper industry, following the phone hacking scandal, started. It was attended by hundreds of Britain’s top editors who debated pressures on journalists.

The elephant in the room was Richard Peppiatt who launched a stinging attack against journalistic standards and kindly blogged it all for The Huffington Post UK. Do you agree with him?

And finally, just when it looked like the fickle finger of fame was no longer pointing at Alessio Rastani, he managed to get his mug on prime time television again this time with Adrian Chiles and make another stunning claim.