09/10/2011 07:21 BST | Updated 09/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Andy Burnham, Labour Shadow Health Secretary, Offers To Work With Government If NHS Reforms Halted

Andy Burnham has offered to work with the government ahead of the coalition's controversial NHS reforms coming back to the Lords.

Labour's new shadow health secretary said his party would work with the coalition to reform NHS comissioning, but warned "the NHS is now in the danger zone", adding that Lords were clearly concerned about the Bill.

In a statement released on Saturday evening, he said: "It is plain for all to see that Andrew Lansley has failed to build a consensus in the country behind his reforms to the NHS.

"He has created confusion and uncertainty when the NHS desperately needs clarity and stability. He has put the NHS in the danger zone. He must stop digging in, listen to staff and urgently change course."

The news comes as UK uncut protesters prepare to protest outside parliament on Sunday, in what they describe as a "spectacular act of mass civil disobedience".

They will be joined by comedians Josie Long and Mark Watson, as they attempt to block Westminster Bridge in protest.

The House of Lords will debate NHS reforms on Wednesday.

Last week Andrew Lansley said he was willing to make one more change in the NHS bill - to shore up legislation which will make the health secretary legally responsible for the NHS.

But he told delegates that the "fundamental principles" of the coalition government's NHS reforms had not changed despite the pause in the legislation.