12/10/2011 09:13 BST | Updated 12/12/2011 05:12 GMT

PMQs 12th October 2011 - Cameron Has Few Answers For Young Jobless And Women

David Cameron was on the back foot throughout much of PMQs, offering few solutions for the rising problem of unemployment among women and young people. The prime minister was spared endless questions about the controversies facing Liam Fox, although the revelation that his press secretary Gabby Bertin used to work with Andrew Werritty looks likely to become a running story.

Ed Miliband was on strong form through most of his six questions, trying to pun the PM down on what he'd do about the rising problem of youth unemployment. Cameron had nothing to say on the matter, arguing only that while the jobs figures were "very disappointing", the government's deficit plan couldn't be abandoned, otherwise Britain would end up with "Portuguese" interest rates. He'd later point out that youth unemployment has been rising since 2004, so once again, it's partly Labour's fault.

Ed Miliband pointed out that unemployment among women was at highest level since 1988. Should be apologising to women? No apology was forthcoming from David Cameron, who insisted that big business backed his deficit plan, as did the CBI and the Institute of Directors.

Miliband finished off be declaring that while Britain's unemployment level had reached a 17 year high, the PM was only focused on saving Liam Fox's job - "it's one rule for the Cabinet, one rule for everyone else". David Cameron's answer? It's all Labour's fault.

In an otherwise fairly tame PMQs, the Prime Minister responded to a question by Labour's Pat Glass on whether ministers who break the Ministerial Code should be sacked.

Cameron said the Ministerial Code was very clear. It is for the prime minister to decide who should be sacked. He repeated that the inquiry into Liam Fox was underway, and those conducting it should be allowed to get on with their work.