13/10/2011 06:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Two-Year-Old Girl Smokes Cigarettes And Drinks Coffee With Mum's Blessing

Mum taught two-year-old girl to smoke - and filmed her for the web PA

An outraged dad is demanding custody of his toddler daughter because, he claims, her mother allows her to smoke and drink coffee.

Gabriel Burulea, 30, alleges that his ex partner Elena Ursu, 28, not only taught two-year-old Elena to smoke cigarettes but also uploaded videos of her doing so to the internet.

Furious Gabriel says the little girl now spurns sweets in favour of fags, and demands coffee over milk.

The couple split up a year ago, and the court in their home town of Bughea de Sus, in Arges, Romania, awarded custody of Elena to her mum, but her concerned dad is demanding judges review the ruling.

Mr Burulea said: "She wants to taunt me by showing me how she is treating our child, but I hope it will backfire and be what I need to win custody. Our daughter doesn't want milk - just coffee - and instead of sweets she wants cigarettes. It's terrible.

"When I am allowed to visit her I can see that she is so desperate for a cigarette that she even grabs the ends of cigarettes and puts them in her mouth. It's sick."

What a horrible story - how could a mum allow a toddler anywhere near a cigarette, let alone teach her to smoke!