20/10/2011 10:47 BST | Updated 19/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Top Five Worst Features Of iPhone 4S

You've got to get an iPhone 4s! Well, that's the buzz going around Twitter/your mates/all the tech media. Hold your horses son, there are flaws in that shiny new phone you so covet.

Here are five dodgy features we've spotted:

You're English.

Siri, the virtual assistant and hot new feature of the iPhone 4S can only look for businesses in the United States. So using that tool to look for locations like restaurants and cinemas in the UK is null and void. If you're here in Blighty, you'll have to resort to the Yellow Pages app or a call to a friend to sort yourself out.

Standby time.

The iPhone 4S has just 200 hours standby time, compared to 300 hours offered by iPhone 4. Where did those hundred hours go? Wi-Fi browsing time is also down, lasting eight hours, compared to 9 hours on the iPhone 4.

The price.

£495 outright, plus your calls, does not a low-priced phone make. There are plenty of smart phones around at the £79 to £99 range, which is kinder on the wallet, leaving you with more to spend on things like making calls and sending texts. Yes, cheaper phones can do this too.

Your boss doesn't like it.

The Apple iPhone 4S makes some bosses crabby, thanks to a security flaw where Siri can be accessed while the phone is locked. "...there is no option to disable the Siri controls. It effectively bypasses the phone passcode – anyone can activate Siri and access the phone book and email," says Steve McDonnell, an IT manager for a large Australian corporation. So his company, and others like it, won't supply them to their workforce.

The form.

Because the design is the same as the old iPhone 4, no-one knows you've got a new phone which makes showing off impossible. Is this some clever new way to move us all away from the buy and brag culture? Is David Cameron involved in this? If it cuts down wastage, maybe this is not as bad a feature after all.

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