20/10/2011 09:22 BST | Updated 20/12/2011 05:12 GMT

'The 1 Percent' Tumblr Page Goes Viral

Here's the answer to the 'We are the 99%' movement, but we don't think this one's been authorised by the Conservative Party.

As some Conservative MPs grow increasingly annoyed with the ongoing 'Occupy" protest at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, The '1 Percent' Tumblr Page has been doing the rounds on Twitter.

The photos on the site - which appear to be being added to all the time - show senior Tories, photoshopped with messages they'd never say.

At Commons Business Questions on Thursday the Leader of The House, Sir George Young, said he was concerned about the protest at St. Pauls, particularly if it made it difficult for the public to visit the Cathedral. He said there was no clear narrative to the protest, with several different messages being put forward by those protesting in London.

The 'Occupy' protests have spread around the world over the past week, following on from the 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstration in New York which has been running since the start of September.

The London protest began on October the 13th. Demonstrators had wanted to occupy the London Stock Exchange, but settled at nearby St. Pauls when they were barred from entering the heart of London's financial district.

Images reproduced with kind permission from the Tumblr page's owner - http://1pc.tumblr.com/

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