27/10/2011 09:16 BST | Updated 26/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Top Ten Last Minute Half-Term Science And Technology Days Out

Have you lost your wits yet? Is your own mum sick of looking after your kids? We've put together some last minute life-saving days out for October half-term, and all with a science or tech bent. These suggestions will jam some science or tech learning into the minds of your off-spring, without them even knowing.

From Dungeness to Dorset and Falkirk, we've got ideas on ye olde technology like steam trains, and over in Nottingham, a full weekend of computer games. Yes, games! They're educational and the video game industry is a lucrative one for your heir to move into when you're ready to put your feet up.

In Northumbria, there's no better sciencey day (or rather night) out than a session at Kielder Observatory. The director there is a great educator, who makes learning about the stars amazing and inspiring. You might just fancy the architecture too.

In Dungeness you can steam past the nuclear power station on an old-fashioned train, and still drive back to Rye for a nice pint at The Ship Inn. Kids will learn where all that power comes they use every day.

Although it's kind of cheating, nothing beats the science museum in London for a brilliant day out. Right now there's an electronic music exhibition and the woman who invented the technology behind it. Plus the 3D Imax theatre has a great Hubble space film on.

Just like CSI viewers, kids love a bit of gore. So take them to the old operating theatre in London Bridge for a look at how the pros used to slice and dice patients.

Older kids haven't been left out. There are good lectures at the Royal Society on important women in science.

If you've got the cash, and you're in London, then a trip to Paris is also do-able in one day. Head to Marie Curie's lab with your would-be scientist. Go first class and have a nice meal, then pop in to Colette as a treat for you.

Have we missed your area? Let us know, and we'll find you something great to do.