Halloween Trick Or Treating For Zoo Animals Who Have Fun With Pumpkins (PICTURES)

31/10/2011 17:46 GMT | Updated 31/12/2011 10:12 GMT

Bats, black cats, and toads are the ghoulish creatures usually haunting Halloween, but it is tigers and bears playing with these carved pumpkins.

Ring tailed lemurs frolic with gourds and tigers get jolly with jack-o-lanterns in the below pictures, as zoo keepers from around the world involve animals in the spooky fun.

'Animal enrichment' prompts critters to investigate unusual objects which they haven’t seen before.

Other pictures show pet-owners’ enthusiasm to bring their animals to trick or treating this year.

As humans dress up as cats, bats and other animals for all hallows eve, click through for some animals getting involved in some human fun.