31/10/2011 06:16 GMT | Updated 31/12/2011 05:12 GMT

PHOTOS: Prince Charles' Alleged 'Interference' In Public Life

Prince Charles has gained a reputation for voicing his opinions on various aspects of public life.

The issue's back on the agenda after The Guardian alleged that Charles had been consulted on several pieces of government legislation since 2005. The paper blames it on a constitutional loophole which it says gives the Prince an "effective veto" over some laws.

Clarence House, as always, has declined to comment on the allegations. The Prince of Wales has no formal role in the constitution and has tried to carve out one for himself. Quite often that works out well, with successful schemes like the Princes' Trust.

Sometimes it upsets people, though.

His most outspoken comments have always been about modern architecture, but privately government ministers have sometimes been concerned that the Prince of Wales has been sticking his nose into areas that they'd have preferred he kept out of...