01/11/2011 12:09 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Miranda Kerr Looks Unfairly Hot As A 'Sexy Circus Ringmaster'

Things that are upsetting first thing in the morning:

1. Finding the milk you have poured in your tea and all over your cereal has gone off. Badly.
2. Opening your email while eating a 'funsize' (HAH) chocolate bar to get the taste of sour milk out of your mouth to find Miranda Kerr looking unfairly hot in a sexy circus ringmaster outfit.

Miranda Kerr looks unfairly hot as a 'sexy circus ringmaster' Photo: FilmMagic

Earlier this year the woman had a baby. A BABY. And yet this is how she looks hosting a Halloween party in NYC in her minimalist Halloween outfit? All glossy hair and sexy leotards and a top hat.

With a whip like that we bet she never has to put up with lumpy milk in her cereal either.

If it's lovely leotards you're after, check out the MyDaily store for something out of the ordinary:

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