02/11/2011 13:43 GMT | Updated 02/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Cats, Dogs And Pigs: Embarrassing Family Photos... With Pets (Pictures)

Most families have a soft spot for their pets but sometimes pampering goes too far.

Lizards, ferrets and even the humble pigeon take centre stage in these pictures, at Venture studios, where a photo-shoot can cost up to £700.

Exclusive treatment for extraordinary creatures perhaps? Barty the horse clopped into the studio garbed in his owner's pashminas (three scarves - he's got an awfully long neck).

"It's unlike any other family portrait we've ever had before and I’m looking forward to being able to look back at our pictures in years to come – although being a tortoise we're hoping Harry will still be with us even then," said Ruth Conneely when asked about her experience on the photo-shoot.

However some of the pets seem a bit putout.

The book Awkward Family Pet Photos gathers some of the wackiest, queerest, most flabbergasting pictures of people taken with their pets, even if some of the cats, dogs and pigs seem embarrassed for their over-enthusiastic owners.

One man said he would consider bringing back his pet's skeleton to the studio. Perhaps Harry the tortoise will remain in photo-shoots for many years to come, one way or another.

Look out for the Christmas cards.

Awkward Family Pet Photos is out now in hardback priced £12.99