Brad Goldpaint's Amazing Space Photos

"Great heavens above" is the specialist subject of photographer Brad Goldpaint, who took these magnificent photographs on a trek across north America.

Goldpaint's photos were taken on what to many would be the trip of a lifetime - a 1,300 mile march along the Pacific Crest Trail Marching from Canada to California.

The trek took the 29 year-old photographer to some of the continent's darkest skies, most serene wilderness and "mosquito infested, muddy, and snow-packed passes".

Goldpaint said a quest for greater meaning drove him to create these shots: "Two years ago I suffered the sudden loss of my mother and what I thought was meaningful work, drastically changed for me. I began to question my life and the direction I wanted to take with it. So last year, I decided to put on my backpack and experience Mother Nature's pristine finest and allow myself time for some deep introspection, by hiking and photographing 1300 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)."

The Pacific Crest Trail begins at the Mexico border near Campo, California and ends in Manning Park, British Columbia.

The photos are on show from November 12, 2011, from 4-7pm at The Gallery in Mount Shasta, California until December 8th.

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