Jo Malone Launches Jo Loves At Selfridges

Jo Malone Launches Jo Loves At Selfridges

Jo Loves

When we first got a whiff that Jo Malone was planning her new fragrance brand Jo Loves back in March,we were naturally just a little excited - after all this is the woman that created some of the most covetable fragrances to grace beauty counters in the 1990s and 2000s.

Five years has passed since Jo sold her her eponymous beauty business to Estee Lauder, and this morning we were thrilled to have the opportunity to sample the fruits of Jo's new project at her new home in the Selfridges Beauty Hall in London.

So what did we think? There were four fragrances in total and we can genuinely say we would happily wear them all (a rarity as we're pretty picky). Each is grown up, complex, long lasting and truly unique.

"When I start out with a fragrance I don't always know where it will lead, It's a creative process that often surprises me and I like that," Jo told us, "Every day I'm struck by the different smells which evoke emotions or memories that inspire me."

The four perfumes are summed up by Jo below - but it you really want to experience these scents, we suggest you get yourself down to the Selfridges beauty counter pronto...

Pomelo: "It's that feeling of fresh linen sheets or a glass of bubbling fizzy water with a slice of lime and lots of crushed ice"

Green Orange & Coriander: "Soulful and sassy. It has a wonderfully clean smell to it and the marriage between green citrus and herb sits together to become very sexy".

Orange Tulle: "Fun and flirty. It's a fragrance which captures movement and breathes life as it's soft floral notes dance up and down drawing you in and teasing."

Gardenia: " Rich and regal. You can instantly feel the creaminess of the petal and the distinctive floral note which evokes memories of beautiful Hawaiian summer days as well as hints of a winter evening."

Jo Loves cost £95 for 100ml and it available at and Selfridges beauty hall, London.

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