10/11/2011 06:33 GMT | Updated 10/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Quirky Christmas Gadgets: Top Five

Who amongst you doesn't want to feel the joy of flying a helicopter? To feel just a little more like Prince William? Very few of you, I should hope.

The good news is we've found one for a measly $49.99 from a great US site, Griffin.

The perhaps not-so-great news it that it's tiny, and you could fit it in a tote bag. Still fun though, as I'm sure your colleagues would agree should you fly one around the office.

A novelty gadget is what Christmas is all about, that's what Jesus said. Four other great ones include the smashing iP4 boombox speaker from iHome, $199, that adds a hint of eighties to your otherwise terribly millenial life.

Not feeling flush? You can still vibe out to Radio 4's news quiz with a cardboard radio, just £24.99.

If you kinda hate yourself just a bit for all this technology you cart around, pretend like it's the olden days with this wooden retro camera iPhone cover.Wooden retro camera iPhone case, £49.75 from NotOnTheHighStreet.

Or throw all savings to the wind, and get a white PS3, because, well, it's white.