11/11/2011 13:46 GMT | Updated 11/01/2012 10:12 GMT

Can 'The Only Way Is Essex' Survive Without Mark Wright? (PHOTOS)

From the final dramatically panoramic camera sweep - focusing on the key people in his life - as they partied below him, to the tears rolling down his perfectly tanned face, you would think Mark Wright was never going to see his TOWIE co-stars again.

We were all meant to join in and have a little blub on Wednesday night, during The Only Way Is Essex finale, as Mark and his ex Lauren Goodger made their final "I love you, but I don't like you anymore" speeches. It may have been more convincing if we didn't already know he was flying off to the I'm A Celeb jungle to further his fame.

Nevertheless, much amusement was had from watching Mark and Arg put their bromance on hold, when the waterworks really took over. Trying to hold back the tears, the TOWIE ladies' man told his faithful lapdog: "I've got to do my own thing... I feel Essex is the wrong place for me right now." (Umm, yes, Mark, that'll be sitting in a jungle, eating bugs, surrounded by bikini-clad women).

Arg, always the more emotional one, sniffed as he asked: "Where does that leave us then?" Embracing him in a big-man hug, Mark reassured him: "You'll be in my heart forever."

Oh please, if these two are really best friends, Mark will be back from the jungle bragging about his conquests and getting Arg to fry on the sunbeds in three weeks max.

But, he won't be back on The Only Way Is Essex for the foreseeable future, and I guess that's what we were really meant to be upset about.

The truth is TOWIE will survive just fine without him. Sure, there may not be as many painful scenes where we watch young women suffer heartache because of his 'player' actions, but that’s not really what this fun show is about, is it?

It's best laugh-inducing moments are 99% of the time provided by other cast members - namely plastic fantastic Chloe Simms, brash Gemma Collins, supremely stupid Joey Essex and lovable Arg.

We know the TOWIE series two finale was meant to be all about Mark's farewell scenes on the hit ITV show, but our favourite moments actually included Joey and Arg trying on each other's ill-fitting clothes and trying to light each other's farts - immature, simple humour yes, but when played out by these two characters it actually works.

Plus, as we prepare for life without Mark on the Essex scene, there's already another good-looking man whom the glamorous TOWIE ladies seem quite happy to let take his place - Italian stallion Mario. He's just as hot, but seems to have a few more morals. So by the end of series four, we may well be asking: "Mark who?"

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