14/11/2011 10:33 GMT | Updated 14/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Britain's Got People - The UK's Answer To The Daily Show?

Good news for lovers of topical comedy - Britain has finally got its own answer to The Daily Show. For a week, at least.

Britain's Got People kicks off today ' with an episode coming out online every day this week, both on its website and YouTube.

The web series is the brainchild of Have I Got News For You and Horrible Histories writer Dave Cohen, who piloted the idea earlier in the year as a week-long series called Leader Of The Opposition.

"Everybody keeps saying it will never be possible to have a daily topical show in the UK," Cohen tells Huffington Post UK Comedy. "I am about to prove them absolutely wrong. Or right."

We're thinking it's going to err on the side of right - if not least because Cohen has got a crazy amount of talent on board. Britain's Got People's script editor is legendary TV and radio comedy producer Bill Dare - whose credits include Spitting Image, Dead Ringers and The Now Show - and the comedians and actors appearing in front of the camera this week include Mark Thomas, Marcus Brigstocke, Sajeela Kershi and Ewen MacIntosh (Keith from The Office). The writing team, meanwhile, features Lead Balloon co-writer Pete Sinclair and Twitter favourites @jacques_aih and @Gary_Bainbridge.

You can watch the videos every day this week at Britain's Got People and follow the show on Twitter at @BGotP - with extra jokes coming through on the Twitter hashtag #BGP (when it's not being hijacked by 'Blonde Girl Problems', that is).

In the meantime: here's - drumroll - episode one. Let us know what you think in the comments below: