14/11/2011 07:17 GMT

Three-Quarters Of British Women Suffer Sleep Problems

Over half of Brits suffer from sleep problems, with women being the worst affected, experts have found.

The study by the University of Glasgow and Sleepio, found that 51% of adults struggle to nod off to sleep at night or remain asleep. A shocking 75% of women reported sleep deprivation issues compared to 25% of men.

Experts also found that lack of sleep can have a serious knock-on effect on our health, with 77% admitting to problems concentrating, 64% feeling less productive at work and 83% suffering mood swings as a result of poor sleep patterns.

"Living with poor sleep and its consequences is not only very common, but it is all likelihood degrading Britain's health," says professor Colin Espie from the study. "Insomnia affects people's quality of life during the day, not just their sleep at night."

Researchers are hoping that these findings will highlight the need for sleep deprivation treatment on the NHS. "This is not a trivial matter. Persistent poor sleep elevates the risk of developing new illnesses. This has been shown in disorders such as diabetes, but also very convincingly in depression," adds professor Espie.

Do you struggle to doze off at night? To help you get a quality night's sleep, we've spoken to sleep expert Marianne Davey, from the British Snoring & Sleep Apnea Association and asked her how to get a good night's rest.

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