14/11/2011 08:52 GMT

The Wombles To Battle 'X Factor' For Christmas Number One (VIDEO)

National treasures The Wombles are re-releasing their 1974 single Wombling Merry Christmas in a bid to beat the X Factor to Christmas number one.

The children's character favourites took Glastonbury by storm this year and now they've put themselves in the ring against Simon Cowell's popular music machine.

The Wombles' leader Uncle Bulgaria previously told Digital Spy: "I don't watch much television myself - I leave that to the young Wombles - but I hear The X Factor is jolly popular, However, W comes before X.

"Let's see what people think of the W Factor! It should appeal to the common people. We think everyone needs to have a Wombling Merry Christmas this year."

The Wombles aren't the only group who want to take the X Factor's Christmas cheer away this year, a Facebook group is campaiging to get Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spiritto number one and the cast of The Only Way Is Essex are also releasing their rendition of Last Christmas.