15/11/2011 12:43 GMT | Updated 26/09/2012 08:11 BST

The 'Vampire Facelift' And Other Bizarre Beauty Treatments (PHOTOS)

We all know that vampires are in vogue right now but slicking on some blood-red lipstick is one thing, the 'vampire facial' takes things to a whole new level.

The £400 treatment, already a big hit in the US, is a cosmetic procedure that involves taking blood from the arm and injecting it into the face, Botox-style.

Once drawn, the blood is turned into a gel-like substance called platelet rich plasma (PRP) which helps it to clot under the skin and encourage tissue growth.

Once the substance is 'activated', either with an addition of thrombin or calcium chloride, it turns into a potent liquid ready to be injected back into the skin - via the face.

The 'vampire facelift', trademarked by cosmetic surgeon, Charles Runel, isn't technically a facelift but a non-invasive 'touch up' for those wanting to iron out wrinkles and maintain a youthful appearance.

But is it legal? Fortunately for beauty enthusiasts (and vampire fans), it is. The stomach-churning treatment has made its way to the UK and is currently cropping up in private clinics in and around Scotland.

NHS consultant in intensive care and anaesthesia, Dr. Jonathan Rhodes, offers the treatment in his private clinic in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

"We take 10ml of their own blood, put it in a centrifuge, get rid of all the red cells and you're left with a growth factor-rich and platelet-rich serum," Dr Rhodes told The Scotsman.

"This technique has been used in various surgical specialities - plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery - to improve wound healing and get better results and it's now being used in the aesthetic industry."


Although this hour-long blood facelift may sound a bit extreme to those wanting youthful looks, Dr Rhodes believes that its safer than ordinary Botox which is a synthetic filler, as this treatment uses cells derived straight from the patient.

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