17/11/2011 01:28 GMT | Updated 17/11/2011 09:47 GMT

Round-The-World Plane Ticket Cheaper Than Annual London Travel Card, Say Labour

It's cheaper to buy a round-the-world plane ticket or a two week holiday than an annual travel card in London, according to research by the Labour party.

A travel card covering zones 1-3 costs £1,288 - more than a trip to Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney, Christchurch, Auckland, Melbourne, and Kuala Lumpur, or purchasing five return flights between London and New York.

The most expensive travel card, covering the six transport zones in London for a year, is £2,016 - more than seeing in the new year on a luxury cruise.

Labour highlighted the figures as part of their 'fare deal' campaign, ahead of mayoral elections next year and fare rises in January.

Val Shawcross, Ken Livingstone's running mate said the cost of travel was "unbelievable" and called Boris Johnson "out of touch":

“Most Londoners can only dream of taking a far-flung trip around the world or a luxury cruise, but unbelievably the cost of travel in London is now equivalent or even higher than this.

‘Londoners struggling on low pay are spending vast proportions of their wages on simply getting around their city – yet Boris Johnson is so out of touch with this daily struggle that in just a few weeks he will hike fares up even further.