18/11/2011 01:12 GMT | Updated 17/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Ed Miliband To Visit Ford Regional Plant

Ed Miliband will take Labour's jobs and growth campaign to Wales when he visits one of Ford's regional plants.

He will be joined by First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones during his visit to Ford's engine plant in Bridgend.

As well as meeting workers at the plant, Mr Miliband will also be visiting three other businesses in the area.

On Thursday, the Labour leader called for workers to be given the right to help set the pay of their own executives.

He said employees should be able to sit on remuneration committees deciding how much executives of big firms should receive.

Speaking to the Social Market Foundation in London, he said: "This simple reform would help forge a new compact between workers and employers, building trust that salaries at the top are deserved, that long-term decisions are being made."