18/11/2011 09:56 GMT | Updated 18/11/2011 11:04 GMT

Wealthy Farmer Adrian Prout Shows Police Where He Buried Wife Kate's Body

Wealthy farmer Adrian Prout has shown police where his wife's body is buried after confessing to killing her nearly four years ago.

Reports suggest Prout led Gloucestershire police to a pheasant pen in the middle of woods on his land. Prout, who is serving a life sentence for killing his wife Kate in 2007, always denied having any involvement in her disappearance but recently confessed to causing her death.

The farmer, from Redmarley, Gloucestershire, finally agreed on Friday to reveal the whereabouts of his wife's remains.

Police said Redhill Farm, Prout's former home and the presumed burial site, will be sealed off while Prout shows detectives where he buried his wife's body.

Kate, a former teacher, disappeared the day after she asked her husband for an £800,000 divorce settlement. Prout reported his wife missing on 10 November, 2007 but police never found her body and the search was eventually suspended.

The 49-year-old was convicted by a jury at Bristol Crown Court after pleading not guilty to killing his wife. It is understood Prout confessed to his fiancee Debbie Garlick after he failed a lie detector test in prison.

Police confirmed they would carry out a detailed search of the farm next week but warned it was likely to last some time.

Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, of Gloucestershire Constabulary, said police had received "new and significant information" in relation to the murder of Kate.

"On Thursday afternoon two detectives paid a visit to the prison where Adrian Prout is being held.

"The investigation into Kate Prout's death was challenging and complex, and ultimately led to Adrian Prout's conviction. This latest piece of information does not change that.

"Our main priority now is to recover Mrs Prout's body and enable her family to have some closure after the long ordeal they have been through."

Since Prout's conviction, Garlick, who Prout has fathered a child with, has been campaigning to get his name cleared.

Prout's confession comes a year to the day after her relatives pleaded with him to reveal where he had hidden her body.