22/11/2011 06:59 GMT | Updated 29/11/2011 07:12 GMT

The 'Benton!' Richmond Park Video Gets Spoofed - Brilliantly

Ah, Britain! Land of animal-lovers. By which we mean: dogs and cats and stuff. Deer? Not so much.

Because, in poor taste or not, the funniest YouTube video we've seen this side of 'Threw It On The Ground' is one of a dog chasing after deer in Richmond Park. Or: 'JESUS CHRIST IN RICHMOND PARK' to give it its full YouTube title. Because the hilarious part is not, of course, Benton the dog chasing deer - but his owner's exasperated calls after him. As you can hear from the video above.

So imagine our delight when the only thing funnier than the original video appeared this morning: its very first spoof.

Hailed by Graham Linehan on Twitter as "one of the greatest things I've ever seen", The Poke's 'Benton In London' was conceived by Jasper Gibson and Simon Balch, and produced by Balch.

And it mashes up... well, rather than spoil it for you, we think you should just take a look below. And enjoy the first of what will no doubt be many, many Benton spoofs to come...

(Oh, and if you're still not convinced that Benton's becoming a meme: his hashtag is trending on Twitter, and you can already buy the T-shirt. No, really.)