22/11/2011 11:28 GMT

Dramatic Landslide Pictures As Los Angeles Road Crumbles Into The Pacific Ocean

A vast swathe of an LA roadway has fallen into the Pacific Ocean following a massive landslide in San Pedro.

The coastal highway had been closed for several months as the road has been slowly drifted towards the sea, with fissures and cracks appearing in the concrete months ago.

However heavy rains at the weekend saw a huge block of earth and asphalt shift at the same time, creating an enormous crater in the middle of the road.

The extent of the damage is such that Peter Sanders, spokesman for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, says the road is irreparable, and a new roadway must now be considered.

A city engineer told the LA Times "This entire coast along here is a cliff. So nature has created a new cliff.”

Although there were around 15 workers on the site at the time, no one was hurt. The landslide was said to be eerily silent, the semi-seismic shifting making no noise. Barriers have been erected by Los Angeles Police to protect curious visitors from injuring themselves.