23/11/2011 08:39 GMT | Updated 23/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Ashley Cole To Take Role In Danny Dyer TV Documentary Drama 'Played'

Ashley Cole has long lived the life of a screen star, with his limousines, eye-catching outfits and array of pretty ladies, not least his estranged wife Cheryl.

Now, the Chelsea and England player is about to put himself on screen in a documentary drama, Played, based on the life and loves of a football agent, with "a few dodgy scenarios - underhand transfers and sleeping with different women".

And, in unsurprising news, The Sun today reports that several Hollyoaks beauties have already auditioned for the parts of women queuing up to be WAGS alongside Cole, and fellow cameos West Ham boss Sam Allardyce and England international Joe Cole.

Danny Dyer will take the lead role of the agent.

Ashley Cole, also on board as a producer, has previous form in this capacity, coming up with the cash for 2008 British gangster flick Dead Man Running, also starring Dyer.

Cole is not the first footballer to take up a screen career in addition to glory on the pitch.

Wimbledon hardman Vinnie Jones first took his tough persona into the cinema under the aegis of Guy Ritchie in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and now lives in Hollywood with an established film career.

Mercurial Frechman Eric Cantona has also dabbled, with a supporting role in big-budget epic Elizabeth, and a fleeting but inspirational role in Looking For Eric.