23/11/2011 06:56 GMT

'Warriors of Goja' Video Goes Viral, After Death Defying Act Wins Indian Talent Show

A video of a brick-smashing, glass-chomping troupe of dancing Sikhs has gone viral after the 'Warrior’s of Goja’s' shocking feats on an Indian talent show impressed audiences around the world.

Judges clasped their hands over their open mouths as flaming torches were extinguished on a ‘warrior’s’ bare chest.

The act starts off as a routine dance performance, but the act intensifies and climaxes with a ‘bed of nails’ sandwich, in which three of the dancers lie breathless and bleeding on top of each other.

One man tenses his chest muscles as a sledgehammer slams into his pectorals, then apparently unaffected leaps across stage for the next staggering spectacle of strength.

He lies underneath a car as one performer hops in and drives the vehicle over his body. Horrified, the judges watched from behind their hands as a motorcycle then wheelies across stage and drives over the man's head.

These jaw dropping acts are not to be tried at home. Originally shown on South Indian TV programme Adhurs: The Ulimate Talent Show, the 'Warriors of Goja' Act won 300,000 rupees, or just over £3,500.