25/11/2011 17:54 GMT

Sh*t London Awards: Urban Decay At Its Finest (PHOTOS)

Some of the finest pictures of urban decay in the capital have been recognised by tongue-in-cheek photo competition Shit London.

A grimy view of underground vents titled "most depressing view from work" was awarded first place, while with more than a touch of black humour, second place went to a man who has to look at a poster of the twin towers all day.

The best/worst shop name was awarded to a kebab shop with "Abra Kebraba" lit up in neon to advertise its wares.

Ugliest buildings in London were also recognised, the winners featuring dirty concrete high-rises and decrepit sixties architecture.

Desperate symbols of theft, broken families and London’s ever ailing tube stations were rewarded by Shit London blog.

However the pictures really just celebrate the capital’s sense of humour. It’s dirty, it’s too expensive, the commute’s a nightmare and the weather’s rubbish. But it is bloody good fun.

Shit London