27/11/2011 09:17 GMT

Liberal Democrats Call In 'Brand Advisers'

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been advised to take a leaf of Oxfam's book in a bid to win back voters who have deserted the Liberal Democrats.

The party has hired "brand advisers" in an effort to revive their flagging electoral fortunes, according to leaked documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

They were said to have suggested a less principled approach to campaigning - once a "strategic, long-term brand model" had been devised, the party should develop "shorter-term themes, straplines and soundbites" to "support short-term political expediency".

The advisers also recommended that the party creates an "inspirational vision that directs evolution of the brand", such as "to create the most innovative and socially mobile nation".

They used the example of the charity Oxfam on the grounds that it has a clear vision to "end world poverty and suffering".

A Lib Dem spokesman denied that the the decision to bring in outside advisers was a panic measure in the face of falling poll ratings.

"There is no question of panic. This is work that has been going on for some months," the spokesman said.

"There is a general recognition that we need to work harder to get our message across. It is no secret that we have been conducting this exercise. It is part of the process of transition from being the third party."