29/11/2011 15:57 GMT

Between A Rock And A Hard Place: German Driver Gets Sports Car Stuck On Boulder

Playing driving games like Grand Theft Auto, you can occasionally find your vehicle snagged on a tree or a branch or a rock. In real-life? Not so much - unless you're Helmut Schmidt from Hagenburg, Germany, who managed to do the latter in a spectacular fashion.

The 25-year-old sports car owner managed to get his Honda convertible balancing on a boulder after his vehicle span out of control - before revolving three times on the tarmac and lodging atop a rock lying on the side of the road.

As for why there was a boulder there in the first place - well, that's down to the nearby homeowner's taste in outdoor ornaments, with the boulder just lying there as a piece of art as you enter the driveway. Artsy - and highly frustrating for Schmidt.

At least the rock wasn't as big as this one, a gift from one Canadian man to his ex-wife, or this mega-boulder, which made an unexpected entrance into a New Zealand man's home during an earthquake. The put-upon Kiwi's pet name for his pet rock? Rocky. Of course.