30/11/2011 07:59 GMT

Gary Barlow: Fit To Fat - And Back Again (Pictures)

Gary Barlow, who first shot to fame in the nineties with boy band Take That, has had fans swooning all over again since he joined the X Factor judging panel.

However, Gary has not always been such excellent crush material.

When Take That broke up in 1996, Gary was distraught and he spiraled into overeating and depression. After the break-up, he spent years unable to get work and his weight ballooned. He ended up hitting 17 stone.

He also spent years being ridiculed for being 'the fat one' from Take That.

However, things have now changed dramatically, he told Grazia magazine: "I'm at a weight that I'm just so bloody happy with. I'm full of confidence".

Through his thick and thin phases, his wife Dawn has been there supporting him, since he proposed to her over a Chinese takeaway 11 years ago. At his heaviest, "when nobody wanted to call me anymore" she stood by him, Gary confided to Grazia.

"Dawn knows how weight has always been my enemy, how with every mouthful of food I have always felt guilty. I realised that once I started to eat I couldn't stop."

SLIDESHOW: Gary Barlow's changing shape...

Gary Barlow - Fat To Fit