Nokia Lumia And DeadMau5 Illuminate Millbank Tower London

Nokia and deadmau5 illuminated the banks of the River Thames in London this week, with a sound and light show to launch the new Nokia Lumia phones.

The light show was an ideal pick-me-up for SAD-struck Londoners, who can otherwise be heard lamenting the early sunsets on most tube and train platforms.

To create the projections, each of the building's 800 windows were covered with vinyl, while 16 powerful projectors on the other side of the river beamed images onto the Millbank tower.

Most London clubs feature lightshows, projections or VJs, but for the performer deadmau5, this was the biggest he had experienced: "Visuals have always been an important part of my shows, so the chance to work with Nokia and its projection team on a project of this scale and ambition is really exciting. It's also great to be able to play such an iconic landmark and to a UK crowd."