Two Corvettes Race Each Other At Traffic Lights, Promptly Crash (VIDEO)

Gerod Rush, 29, from The Woodlands, Texas, recently saw two corvettes queuing up at the traffic lights in front of him. Both silver, both corvettes, both waiting at the same traffic lights.

The chances of an impromptu street race were high, so perhaps it's no surprise that he took out his videophone and started recording the two sports cars before the lights turned green.

But just seconds after the racers sped off, the right-hand corvette span out of control, slamming into the side of the other vehicles and pushing both drivers onto the side of the road within the blink of an eye.

"They were driving like idiots a mile before and then pulled up to a red light, revving their engines at each other," Rush told "I had a feeling that I knew what was going to happen next."

Costing $40,000 (The C5 Corvette on the left) and $45,000 (The C6 Corvette on the right), the repairing cost of their Thanksgiving morning duel will take a big bite out of their bank accounts, but thankfully neither of the parties involved were hurt.