01/12/2011 10:47 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Child Falls Down Manhole Cover And Water Company Quiz Mum Over Her Bill!

Child falls down manhole cover and water co quiz mum over her bill! PA

When Ebru Ozan, 10, fell down an open manhole on her way home from school, her mum Lorna, 29, phoned the water company to alert them - and was quizzed about why her bill was overdue!

Ebru ended up on crutches after her leg went down the open hole in Brentwood, Essex, and her mum rang Essex & Suffolk Water a few days later after noticing the cover was still not on the manhole.

She told the Mirror: "When I called them to talk about my concerns, they just wanted to remind me about my water bill."

A spokesman for the company admitted it had been "insensitive": "When we get any call from a customer we automatically look at their records to establish the genuine nature of the call and point out any issues they should be aware of.

"In this instance, unfortunately, this approach appeared insensitive."

Just a bit!