A Quarter Of Brits Will Kiss At The Work Christmas Party


As millions of Brits look forward to their work Christmas party over the coming weeks, one in four will be blissfully unaware that a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe awaits them, according to a new survey.

The poll, by TGI Fridays, revealed that a quarter of Brits find themselves in a romantic clinch at their annual work do.

Those who work in Human Resources are the most frisky, with 55% confessing to a cheeky smooch while people who work in PR are the most likely to take it all the way and bed a co-worker at the end of the night.

A presumably drunk 2% of workers even declare their love for a colleague at the work party.

As well as locking lips with work colleagues, Brits also admit to sharing secrets that they later regret and telling co-workers what they really think of them.

Bankers are more likely to get drunk and make a fool of themselves while teachers are the worst for calling in sick after the work party. Travel and leisure workers are most likely to strip, with one in ten admitting to doing a naked flash at their Christmas do.

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