02/12/2011 02:53 GMT

Alex Salmond Wins Scottish Green Energy Awards Accolade

The First Minister has won a second political award of the week at an energy ceremony.

Alex Salmond was named the Best Politician at The Scottish Green Energy Awards 2011 in central Edinburgh.

Mr Salmond sent his thanks in a recorded message screened at the ceremony and said he is determined that Scotland will be a leader in new energy.

He said: "I am absolutely determined that this country of ours, just as it powered and invented the industrial revolution, is going to invest, design, engineer, fabricate, construct, maintain and install the great energy machines that are going to dominate this coming century.

"I know there are sceptics, and folk that say it can't be done, but of course it can be done.

"Every single one of us should dedicate ourselves to the task that Scotland will lead the world in the new energy systems that will power this country in a way which is compatible with the future of this planet."

Earlier this week Mr Salmond was named the UK Political Studies Association Politician of the Year to add to similar awards from the Spectator magazine and The Herald newspaper.

The First Minister also received the South Australia International Climate Change Leadership Award from the government of South Australia in October.

The Scottish Green Energy Awards are in their 10th year and celebrate the contributions of individuals and organisations in the renewable energy industry in Scotland.