03/12/2011 06:50 GMT | Updated 03/12/2011 07:34 GMT

'Dress Like a Videogame Character Day' Sees Gamers Do Just That

Hundreds of gamers are said to have dressed up as video game icons including Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, to celebrate 'Dress Like a Videogame Character Day'.

As such, if you noticed something unusually digital during your bleary-eyed commute to work yesterday, you're not necessarily going crazy as a result of spending too much time on the PS3.

It's perfectly plausible that you really did see a blue hedgehog operating heavy machinery, or Nintendo's famous plumber catching the bus to work.

Dress Like a Videogame Character Day was launched by website to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the first PlayStation console.

Organiser Simon Kilby told Huffington Post Weird News: "We really wanted to do something to celebrate the huge success of the PlayStation since its launch in December 1994.

"We thought there was no better way than encouraging people up and down the country to dress up as their favourite video game characters whilst they go about their daily business.

"We wanted to see Sonics on the way to work, Marios grabbing their morning coffee and Donkey Kong in the lunch queue at the sandwich shop."

Anyone willing to upload a photo of themselves in video game fancy dress to the DLAVGC Facebook page stands the chance of winning £200 worth of Amazon vouchers.