Photographer Kurtis Hough Tried To Film Storm Waves - Loses £2,000 Camera (VIDEO)

Photographer Kurtis Hough recently captured some impressive footage of storm waves in Oregon -- but ideally he'd like to have done it without losing his £2,000 camera to the sea in the process.

The photographer had been out on the Oregon coast when he noticed the storm waves and set his expensive DSLR on a ledge several feet above the beach, knocking it into movie mode.

His resulting footage is suitably impressive and shows the waves surging up the beach… unfortunately it also shows them crashing into his Canon 5D Mark II and taking it out to sea.

Speaking to Huffington Post Weird News, Hough said his reactions weren't fast enough to save his beloved camera: "I was next to the camera and couldn't react quick enough when the unexpectedly large tide surge rolled in."

While he was able to recover the camera, it was beyond repair: "The camera ended up getting sand and salt water corrosion through the electronics and won't turn on," he added.

However, the memory card inside did work, and after uploading the 24 second clip to Hough realised he had a viral hit which has now been viewed more than 1 million times.

And that's not his only consolation, he's also been offered a replacement camera by bosses at a kind-hearted camera store who were taken by his footage.

But this is not the first time a photography project has turned into disaster for Kurtis, while shooting timelapse footage of slugs in mossy landscapes his car was broken into and he got poison oak all over his body.