04/12/2011 07:52 GMT | Updated 03/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Space Chief Builds Craft In Mother's Back Yard (VIDEO)

It might not have the budget of NASA, but the African Space Research Programme hopes to join the space race - thanks to an ambitious boss and a spot in his mother's back yard.

Chris Nsamba, founder of ASRP, says he is currently working with a team of volunteers to create a plane that will fly at 80,000ft and penetrate the edge of space.

And despite construction taking place in the back yard of his mother's home in Uganda, he already has plans for a space shuttle and wants to see the first Ugandan into space within the next decade.

Currently construction of the African Skyhawk Jet is limited to a shell and the project lacks an engine, but Nsamba is confident it will launch next year for testing.

So far the budget has been limited to $80,000 raised in donations, but Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has now reportedly backed the programme and pledged (undisclosed) financial support.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, former astronomy student Nsamba said: "It isn't about money, it isn't about competition or pride. The mission is about advancement in space technology as a continent and what we can contribute towards that growth.